Jesus is coming!

Where we live, the majority of those who need the most material help are Nicaraguan immigrants. Many of these people cross the Costa Rican border in order to seek a better life, however they are held back in many ways. What holds them back is their inability to obtain work, their papers and ultimately residency, thus leading to further obstacles, such as graduating from high school, getting religious sacraments or the most urgent medical needs. Combine these issues with the culturally accepted reality of the broken family, and you have a lot of single mothers raising kids alone, working full time jobs and yet unable to do much else.

Some dear Costa Rican friends of ours brought us to meet three families who live in such a way. Three mothers live close to each other as they lean on one another’s support in raising a collective 11 kids. They are working full-time to support their children. We were told that these children have never been to church, and don’t know anything about Jesus. We were also informed that they have never had a Christmas gift. 

Some of the kids listening to testimonies from Brad and one of our friends

Coincidently (as we like to say when God arranges something good!), a fellow missionary from FMC who was visiting us, happened to bring along a stack of children’s bibles in Spanish that a former missionary had left behind. Quite obviously these books were meant for beginning the beautiful task of catechizing eleven little souls as we anticipate the coming of baby Jesus at Christmas!

In the past few weeks, Romans 10:14 was one of the daily readings. “But how can they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how can they believe in him of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone to preach?” It seems this reading was just in time to affirm this task. And in verse 15: “And how can people preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring the good news!”’

Help us bring the good news with your beautiful feet this Christmas! We want to bring the joy and love of Jesus to these families with gifts and a feast. A feast that is very often a daily meal for us, but unheard of for these families. Please help us purchase food and a Christmas gift for each of these children and their mothers. We are trying to give 14 people a gift valued at $20, and have a Christmas dinner for an estimated total of $400.

To donate, click on our donation link:

and write “Christmas gifts” in the comments. God bless you all and may your Advent season be full of the peace, love and joy of Christ!

Kateri making a new friend

(In the pictures shown, we are hanging out with our new friends near a kind neighbor’s unrented home and yard. They live in poor housing with muddy floors directly behind the property. There is a rich neighbor on one side who gets upset when they see these kids passing by, as they do not want them anywhere near them. I was once told by a director of FMC that often it’s hardest to be poor when you’re living in nearby pockets by the more well-off, because you are even more isolated, and with less support. Please pray for these families, and us as we attempt to form a relationship built around God.)

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