Month: May 2021

Being a kid in missions

Life in missions: 

Hello everyone, my name is Zachary Schmitz, and I am a teenager in missions. If you are in missions, you know it’s difficult, and trust me it’s not easy. There are awkward moments that you don’t want to be in, things your parents want you to do but you don’t want to do it, and so on. But just so you know, you’re not alone in this. God is with you always and he helps you with those awkward moments. And once you really get into it you start to love doing it, and you just feel on fire. But you can also get pulled away from it if you stop to pray and don’t practice loving. And if you’re in that spot (and trust me I’ve been there), don’t forget to stop and ask God for help. And for an example, me not liking to write blogs about missions because I think it will make me “not cool” but really, it’s the coolest thing ever and if they think it’s boring, they’re the ones missing out.

My experience:

Now I am going to tell you a little about my experience during my time in Costa Rica.

So, me and my family (8) have been in Costa Rica for a year and a half and we kind of felt like we weren’t doing much, but we were actually doing quite a lot. We probably changed our neighbors’ lives, by our prayers and praises. 

So, one time I was walking to the store and when I got there, there was this poor man and he seemed sad and lonely. He saw me and lit up, and he started asking me questions, and then he asked me if I would buy a treat for him and (awkward situation right here) I was about to say no when all of the sudden the Holy Spirit moved me to buy him a treat, so I bought him one and he was so thankful he came right up to me and hugged me with tears in his eyes. And so, when you feel the holy spirit moving you don’t ignore it, listen to it for it will make you very happy.

So, I live in a neighborhood with a lot of kids and at first, I really didn’t like them. I thought they were annoying people who just got in my way. But then after 3 months, something changed, I started to hang out with them and so on, so on. They sometimes come and pray the rosary with us. I think it changed their lives by us just being here and now they are my best friends, and we have fun every day. 

Hard times:

So, I’m guessing that you’ve all heard of covid-19 the stupid “virus” that kinda ruined missions.

We’ve been in virtual school for a couple of weeks, and I’ve been really struggling with it. And its double hard because it’s in Spanish. And you know everyone’s like “don’t get close to me you might have covid” and it has really delayed missions throughout the year. But we can always pray for the people we serve in any situation. And in Puerto Rico when we helped clean up a disabled man’s house even though we had to wear masks, at least we made him happy.

Thanks for reading. God bless you all!!

Zachary David Schmitz