Month: December 2020

Building Projects

This is just a quick blog to share the progress of a couple bigger projects we were helping with while we were stateside.

One of the projects was brought to our attention through another missionary family we served close to in Costa Rica. They attended language school in Guatemala, and became good friends with their language teacher. It turns out she was actively doing ministries herself, although short on funds to adequately serve the most needy around her.

She was raising money for a widowed woman of 10 kids who was in need of a kitchen. This is the kitchen she was cooking in for her large family:

Praise God, through our generous benefactors, we were able to provide the funds to build her a new kitchen. She is so grateful! Here are some pictures to share the progress:

The other project we have posted about before, but was put on hold due to Covid-19, however we partnered with our local church in Florencia and were able to start building a new house for a single woman, Maria, and her seven children. You may remember her current house was in disrepair and dangerous for them to live in. The house is now complete! Here is a picture of her bright and beautiful new home, praise God!

This is what her house looked like before: